Resize Azure Virtual Machine from Azure Dashboard

Resize Azure Virtual Machine from Azure Dashboard

One of the most important questions my management ask with regards to Azure VM is can it be resized. What will be the impact on the VM if it is resized?

And I am like that is the greatest benefit of moving to Azure. The most important benefits of Azure VMs is the ability to change the size of your VMs based on the needs for CPU, Network or disk performance. And the process is pretty straightforward.

What will be the impact on the VM if it is resized?

The typical impact to resizing a VM is a restart which can take up to five minutes for the operation to complete. Therefore it is recommended to keep a maintenance window in place. Also taking a known good working backup before you start is suggested.

Resize a VM

1. Open your VM in Azure Portal
  • Select “size” from the settings list as shown below.
2. Select your new size.
  • Below I have a DS12_V2 Standard Azure VM which I will be resizing.
  • Next is to select the new VM size, based on my requirement I selected DS13_V2 Standard.
  • Click select, and the VM will begin resizing.

NOTE: The server will be rebooted to complete the resize process.

Next, a notification will be displayed in the Azure portal window while the VM is resizing/rebooting:

Once the process is completed, a success notification will be displayed as shown below.

Next, login to the server and check the server configuration to confirm the resizing operation completed successfully.

I hope this helps!

Safi Ahmed Choudhury

Safi Ahmed Choudhury

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